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amadlo is the only furniture brand in the Baltic region that offers customers the opportunity to combine IKEA-made cabinets with high-quality, customizable doors and panels, allowing for more personalization in every home. The main advantage of this concept is the ability to achieve top-tier kitchen designs at affordable prices.

Haralds Štrombergs
Edijs Štrombergs

Our team

amadlo is an idea conceived by a father and son – it offers the creation of furniture that people like and find comfortable and functional. It is associated with good taste and the use of high-quality materials.



The design philosophy of amadlo is based on the fundamental principles of Northern European architectural design – minimalism and functionality. Amadlo offers a furniture development model that ensures the production of high-quality kitchen furniture in the shortest possible time. Within the scope of the project, a comprehensive service is provided for the manufacturing and installation of kitchen equipment, including the construction, facades, and other kitchen equipment elements, thereby ensuring a complete and efficient kitchen development process.

Design collections for IKEA cabinets

Kitchen series
Wardrobe series
Individuāli dizaina risinājumi
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