Design- S1

The S1 cabinet design is a model of simplicity, combining functionality with a sense of modernism. Capable of both blending in and standing out, it is designed to effortlessly integrate and adapt to its environment and users.

Design - S2

Inspired by the furniture of 1960s Scandinavian architects and created to meet the demands of modern living, the S2 cabinet design offers a fresh perspective on the iconic, round handle as its central functional element.

Design - S3

The inspiration for the S3 cabinet design comes from the rounded corners and lines of Apple products, ensuring the product meets the demands of modern living. The handle is a distinctive element of the S3 design.

Design - S4

The characteristic feature of the S4 design is its wavy pattern, which is pleasing to the eyes and also provides tactile satisfaction.

Design - S5

The S5 cabinet design, unmistakably recognized by the relief frame on its front, is a tribute to the Shaker movement and its craftsmanship traditions. Calm and sensible, its ideas still deeply resonate with contemporary design and lifestyle.

Design - S6

This design blends modern and playful creativity with classic Scandinavian design. It features a simple and welcoming combination of geometric shapes, lines, and surfaces.


signal white
signal grey
anthracite grey
Dark oak
Natural Oak

Price examples

The price is indicated for doors, cover plates, handles, and door hinges for the IKEA PAX system cabinet. W: 150 cm x H: 236 cm x D: 62 cm.

Wardrobe price example
Wardrobe price example
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