Product and interior 3D visualisations

amadlo is one of the leading furniture design brands in the Baltic region, specializing in product and interior visualization as well. We offer photorealistic results that meet your needs and enhance your sales outcomes!

What kind of visualization types do we offer?

→ Studio

Studio-style visualizations are the industry standard for product marketing campaigns. Studio photos are typically close-up shots of the product against a simple white, black, or colored background.

Consistency. This lends professionalism and credibility to your online store.

Flexibility. Creating product photographs in a digital environment has no limitations on what you want to see.

Perfection. There are no minor manufacturing flaws, dirt, dust, or fingerprints. Our 3D renderings are perfect every time.

For the best sales results in an e-commerce environment, the latest research suggests that the optimal number of images for each product should be at least 12.

→ In-context

Contextual or ‘Insitu’ photographs. This type of 3D product visualization shows the product in its intended environment. The aim should be a combination of studio and lifestyle photographs for each product you sell. The main advantages of contextual photographs are:

Creating desire. Inspiring lifestyle and contextual images increase the emotional connection with your product. Emotions are a key driver in making purchasing decisions. Contextual photos help buyers visualize a better life with the specific product in it.

Narrative. Online shoppers want to see your product as part of their daily lives. Narrative is the most effective sales tool. Create a positive narrative around your product by producing lifestyle images that tell a small story.

Social Media. Lifestyle photographs perform much better on social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, than studio photographs.

→ Room design

We design and visualize spaces according to your needs, to present the product in its intended environment. The main advantages of realizing space design with us include:

Cost. Physically setting up a kitchen or bathroom to obtain good photographic materials is expensive and unnecessary. Photorealistic visualization is the best option to save time, money, and energy.

Flexibility. Every aspect of the space created in a 3D environment is easily adjustable and customizable to your needs.


Mēbeļu dizains

Bulduri, Jurmala

2023 – August

Gaming desk design

Commercial project

2023 – May

Custom design kitchen


2023 – June

Office furniture


2023 – April


Commercial project

2023 – April

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